The Great Enema Debate: Enemas and Anal Sex

Should you or shouldn't you use an enema before anal sex? A number of our readers have submitted tips on using enemas, and many have questions about it. While the majority seems to favor an enema before butt fucking, you also should hear what the enemies of the enema have to say.
Squeaky CleanThe number one reason for using enemas that people cite is cleanliness. While folks find anal play incredibly sexy, the poop factor can be a turn-off. An anonymous female reader says, "Before you begin anal play with a partner, I STRONGLY recommend giving yourself an enema. It ensures that you won't be grossed out or turned off by the appearance or lingering of fecal matter during or after the process. Cleanliness is a girl's best friend."
Under normal circumstances (i.e., the person getting ass-fucked is healthy, practices normal hygiene, and has regular bowel movements) anal sex is not terribly messy. You will not be cleaning crap off the walls and ceiling. However, for many people, especially anal beginners, just the fear of embarrassment about the presence of fecal matter or odor is an obstacle to enjoyment of anal sex. You shouldn't be so turned off that you need Viagra to overcome sexual dysfunction. If taking an enema reduces anxiety and inhibition around anal play, it may be worthwhile. However, once you and your partner get more comfortable with your ass and each other, you may not feel it's necessary.
When You Gotta Go
Another reason for using enemas before butt sex is practical. If there is "something in the pipe," anal stimulation or bearing down during anal sex can bring on the urge to evacuate. Unless you and your partner are into scat, interrupting sex to take a dump will be, at the least, inconvenient. Janet in Florida writes, "To overcome the urge to evacuate, and control the timing, I give myself an enema the morning before we plan to make love, and when I do I hold the enema water for as long as I possibly can." Another female reader says she likes to prepare with an enema the night before an anal sex session.
However, Patric in New England prefers a different tactic: "An enema is so easy but makes [your ass] all tender. The key is to fast for 24 hours before and [your ass] will be tight and slick. I can fuck a huge cock for days if I haven't eaten, plus it makes it easy to bear down on it." While we commend Patric for his commitment, we don't expect many people to go hungry for the cause of better anal sex.
Others, like this anonymous female reader, just like to keep things simple: "I don't go through special rituals or preparations to have anal sex with my partner...I don't find enemas necessary. I think normal bowel movements are sufficient. I opt for a long, relaxing shower or bath." Many sex advice experts agree with this reader, and recommend that folks just do number two, then clean their asshole and rectum with soap and water. Slipping a soapy finger inside yourself while showering can be good way to get your butt warmed up. Go light on the soap, though, as it can be irritating to your innards.
Enemas Are Evil!
Speaking of irritation, that seems to be the top reason readers cite for *not* using enemas. Some, like Brent from Vancouver, feel very strongly: "Enemas are evil and make things sore; avoid them unless you're really squeamish about what you might find in there. If everyone's healthy, there's nothing that'll hurt you anyhow, and a small amount [of natural secretions] will significantly improve both sensation and lubrication."
OK, maybe enemas aren't the work of the devil, but this reader has a point. They can rinse away the natural secretions and lubrication produced by the mucous membranes inside the rectum. Those secretions are there to protect the anal lining and provide natural lubrication. Of course, anal sex always requires additional lubrication, but the natural layer provides a buffer between the chemical lube and your delicate membranes.
If you do use enemas, to minimize irritation, use plain warm water only. Packaged drugstore enemas contain salt water or other solutions. Gina from California thinks you should just dump them out: "I always like to use an enema, but I pour out the fluid inside the bottle and use water. I swear it makes me feel clean and my asshole isn't on fire."
Freak NastyFor couples like Gus from Winnipeg and his girlfriend, cleanliness is beside the point: "Sometimes when she's feeling ultra nasty she won't use an enema, and sometimes she won't even wash herself there. This gives the ass that nasty stinky aroma. It just gets me firm the second I smell it." The butt's natural funkiness can be a turn-on for some, so if that's the case, an enema just defeats the purpose.
If want to try anal sex "au naturel" but are still concerned about the possible mess, put a towel down on the bed, put a condom on your dick or dildo for easy cleanup, and keep a supply of kleenex or wet wipes on hand.
Enemas Are Sexy!
Enema eroticism is a subject unto itself. Suffice to say that some people enjoy enemas for their own erotic value or as a part of foreplay before anal sex. Nicolette from Canada recommends "warm water, 1/2 quart given slowly to begin. It can be an extremely erotic experience, touching her as you administer the enema, finger in her pussy, gently fingering her clit, and when she gets a little more excited, some gentle spanks (or not so gentle if she prefers) to her cheeks. Repeat the enema and the procedure until all is clear, then get down to some serious, fantastic buttfucking."
If you are comfortable having your partner administer the enema, it can be a sexy experience for both of you. As with any sort of anal play, communication between is crucial. Let your partner know if you experience any pain or discomfort during the enema so they can stop or reduce the flow.