Home made enema device.

People have asked me why I look so youthful, beautiful, have a glaring soft and unblemished glowing skin, despite of my age of wisdom.I told them, "I drink lot's of lemon juice", but that's a lie.My secret is garlic in a juicer and strong black coffee, passing inside me using a tube, if you know what's enema means, it's away to put liquid inside you via your anus, using a simple device.Of course I need to fast for all the solid waste to be removed easily, but I never fast long enough, I admit that I like food, and our familyhave very social food tradition, we enjoy food alot. What I do is I fast continually, or they say, intermittent fasting.As I have observed, some people who take longer fast like 40 days, never fast again, why? - because of course it's hard, as they experience it, butfor me, the key to fasting is that it must be fault-tolerant, with continuity. So if I can't fast for 2 days, then I'll eat, so I can fast for thenext day. and it works wonderfully well for me, besides the more you fast, the greater you increase the amount of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF),which makes you much smarter, and can give you an attitude of an alpha-male--which is really cool!So about the enema, I put 5 cloves (not the whole bulb) of garlic in a juicer, and dillute it in a 1.5L bottle filled with water, It's a great start tocoffee enema, since 1, it will kill the parasites in your colon (we all have parasites-FYI), 2, you get all the helpful benefits of garlic directlyinto your bloodstream, and 3, you'll retain the coffee enema much efficiently (because you cannot retain garlic enema longer--trust me).About the parasites, if your butt is itching, you'll need a garlic enema.Then the coffee enema, I use strong black coffee, but I also use instant coffee, 6 tablespoon of coffee dilluted in 1.5L bottle, with warm body-temperature water.Oh, coffee enema is the holy grail of all enemas, because 1, it filters your blood (because your liver acts like a dialysis machine to remove toxins in your blood),2, releases the toxins in your liver and bile, 3, force your body to produce more glutathione-S-transferese antioxidant recycler, which is really popular among hollywoodstars, because glutathione not only benefits the body of anti-oxidants, it also has a side effect of making your skin glow.Now coffee enema is different than taking L-Glutathione suppliments, because instead of weeks to see the results, you'll see the results in just minutes--literally!So just look at the pictures to begin your enema right away, and by the way, use vitamin E to lubricate the tube, and don't forget to sterilize the tube in boiling hot water, before and after use.You'll need a 1 meter tube, funnel, scissors, hot water or lighter.